Kappa Securities S.A.       (GEMI number: 1090801000)       tel+30 210 3678600
Authorised and regulated by the Hellenic Capital               Φαξ  +30 210 3641002
Market Committee  (HCMC No 3/88/1991)                 e-mail: Kappa@kappasec.gr

Kappa Securities S.A. 

      Member Of The Athens Stock Exchange Authorised and regulated by the Hellenic Capital Market Committee      (HCMC No 3/88/1991)



Board of Directors:
Chairman: Spiros Bellos
Vice President : Maria Komninos

Members: S.Nousias, K.Tsiamis

Major shareholders:
Spiros Bellos :            90%
Maria Komninos:         10%

Share capital : 1.100.000,00 uro



KAPPA Securities  S.A. is a member of the Athens Stock Exchange and the Athens Derivatives Exchange. Founded in 1991, it constitutes the continuation of the Brokerage house of Komninos Family, whose long standing presence in the market goes back to 1921. In the beginning of 1996 the company was re-organised under a new management team, headed by chairman and major shareholder Mr. Spiros Bellos. The new management's main objectives were, apart from the upgrading the company's EDP systems, to incorporate capable and experienced executives from the stock and banking markets, in order to offer a complete range of brokerage services of high quality to foreign and domestic institutional and private investors. Under the new management the company has achieved an impressive increase of its market share in the last years. The leading position and the recognition it has received is a result of excellent brokerage and corporate services and of successful investment proposals. In November 1997, the company's status was upgraded by the Capital Markets Committee to an Investment Services Company (EPEY), which enables KAPPA Securities S.A. to provide a broader range of investment services. In mid 1999 KAPPA Securities S.A. became a member of the Athens Derivatives Exchange (ADEX)  as a market maker A and it was one of the first companies, which became active in derivative products.

Products and Services

  • A complete range of brokerage services, research and investment consultancy on stocks listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.
  • Financial Advisory Services - Mergers & Acquisitions, private placements
  • Custodian Services
  • Investment advisory services on stock and derivative products to institutional and private investors.
  • Equity and market research. Fundamental and Technical Analysis of listed equities.
  • Brokerage services and trading on derivative products of the Athens Exchange